Light Prayers are life-changing, yet very simple to learn. Just use your inner vision to see God as Sacred Light for healing and protection.  Here are some people’s responses to doing this:

“Our work together with Light and prayer was an amazing experience that provided me with a great deal of comfort and insight.”

S. S., Boulder, CO

“I so appreciate your efforts to raise the consciousness of this precious planet. You help so many to shine Light and wisdom on this world.”
T. N., Sedona, AZ

“I’ve used a morning prayer daily that Anita offered me several years ago. As a psychotherapist, it helps me draw my strength and centers me for the day. It reminds me that I can call on Guidance each day and throughout the day as needed. Anita is truly a messenger of Light.”
P. B-C.,
Sonoma, CA

“Anita’s prayers have helped me awaken to the possibilities in life that God can help make real. Use the prayers. They make the difference between a life well lived, and a life barely lived.”

T. M., Ph.D., San Rafael, CA

“Light Prayers have given me the closest way to connect to The Higher Power. I would not have the enriched and thriving life I have without the Light Work.”
A. J., San Anselmo, CA


“Thank you as always, for the love, light, and wisdom you offer.”
S. B., Maine

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